Remedy Logo Update 2022- White Letter

Missional living in healthcare has always involved swimming upstream, but it seems to be getting harder. Our culture, workplaces, and institutions are not as friendly to faith as they once were. Living on mission for Jesus and setting Biblical principles as our true north can be hard. Remedy23 will challenge you to grow in your understanding of what missional living looks like. You’ll hear from missionaries, educators, and thought leaders. You’ll have opportunities to explore opportunities to serve and expand your skills and knowledge. We’ll worship God together, inviting Him to shape our hearts and guide our steps.

For some, missional living will ultimately involve a plane ride to move to a far-off place for long term service. But for many, missional living happens in our own communities, institutions, and workplaces here in the United States. What does it look like for you? Join us for Remedy 23, and find out!

Remedy Logo Conference Brand23

Eastern Conference

April 14-15, 2023

at Liberty University

Plenary & Breakout Speakers