Remedy 2023 - To Be Announced

"Bringing the Hope and Healing of Christ to a World in Crisis"

At least 95% of Christian healthcare students and residents will practice medicine in the US. Less than 5% of you will do career medical / dental missions.

Excellence in medicine is vital for all of us. But is technical and clinical excellence enough to please God? Is that all we have? Or do Christian healthcare professionals bring something else important to the office, lab, clinic, or hospital? And how in these present circumstances can we bring the hope and healing of Jesus to our world in crisis?

What will it cost you to serve others the way Jesus did? It may cost you a lot. It might cost you everything. Time. Money. Reputation. Influence. Position…

REMEDY’s theme is “Bringing the Hope and Healing of Christ to a World in Crisis!” Our goal is to stimulate your imagination so you will consider how you might do this starting now and throughout your healthcare career.