Exhibitor Hall

Visit our 2021 Exhibitors Booths. Click on the logo of the exhibitor to view their page.

Meet the exhibitors in person by joining live chat with the representatives and ask questions directly through live Zoom rooms as well.

All 2021 Exhibitor Booths are open 12-2 pm (Pacific) | 3-5 pm (Eastern) on Saturday and Sunday.

Visit exhibits, get FREE Merchandise!!! Just visit at least 5 exhibitor sites then come back and enter your name (below) for a chance to win! Prizes include T-shirts, water bottles, and even peanut M&M’s!. Drawing will be held after Remedy and the winners contacted by January 15th.


CMDA Specialty Sections - LOBBY

Looking for mentors in your healthcare field? Or just want to connect with someone in your specialty? Click the button below to speak to a leader in one of CMDA’s Specialty Sections. Available on Saturday and Sunday, noon to 2 pm Pacific/3-5 pm Eastern.

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